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Signs You Have Low Testosterone

Testosterone is a very important hormone that is produced by the human body and affects many different aspects of our physical and mental well-being. While testosterone is produced by both genders, it is more prevalent and more important for men. If your body naturally does not produce enough testosterone, you may experience a variety of health problems. If you think you have low testosterone, the best way to find out is to go to your doctor and get tested for it. You can then take supplements as recommended to naturally boost your testosterone levels. Here are some signs that you may have low testosterone.

Decreased muscle mass

Testosterone helps you build strong and defined muscles. If you have low testosterone, you may find that you naturally have weak muscles and that you have a difficult time building strength and size, regardless of how much you work out. You may also find that you tend to retain body fat, regardless of your exercise regime.

Increased fatigue

If you find yourself tired all the time for no reason, you may have low testosterone levels. Testosterone helps your body efficiently produce and maintain energy, and without it, you may find that you get tired very quickly and sleep longer hours. While everyone gets tired at times, this consistent fatigue is a likely sign of a larger problem.

Trouble concentrating

Testosterone helps maintain your brain functions, so if you have low testosterone, you might find that you have trouble concentrating throughout the day. You may also struggle to remember things, or take longer to process things mentally than you usually would. This can be quite debilitating for people in many careers.

Decreased sex drive

Testosterone helps maintain a healthy sex drive in men, so one of the biggest issues that you might experience if you have low testosterone is a decreased sex drive. Men who have low testosterone find that they desire sex less often, have a more difficult time getting and maintaining an erection, and even have a lower sperm count.

Decreased body hair

Many men find that they lose hair throughout their body when they struggle with low testosterone. They often go bald more quickly than others, and they also lose hair on their chest, legs, back, and other parts of their body.

Weak bones

Testosterone helps keep your bones strong, particularly as you age. If you have low testosterone levels, you will likely find that your bones will start to become brittle and will be less resistant to impact. This is a particularly big problem for athletes, who need strong bones and joints to keep pursuing the activities they love.


Insomnia/Sleep Apnea

While some people find themselves much more fatigued and tired when they experience low testosterone, many people struggle with severe insomnia, which makes it very difficult to maintain a normal routine. Many people also experience sleep apnea when they are treating a low testosterone problem, which is when your breathing is inconsistent throughout the night.


Testosterone helps keep your moods even and positive, so if you have low testosterone, you are more prone to mood issues such as depression. Those who experience low testosterone can very easily slip into the problem of a consistent low mood. They also may find themselves very irritable and have low self-esteem.

It is important to keep in mind that many of these things could be symptoms of larger health problems. Before assuming you have low testosterone, it is very important to go see a doctor and get tested to find out what you are dealing with. If you do have low testosterone, you can treat it with supplements, hormone replacement therapies, and many other strategies.

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